#weekendcoffeeshare 10/8/2016


Good morning! How are all of you this morning? I would like to invite you in for coffee or tea? I have Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, regular roast, breakfast roast, and chicory. I also have tea. Hot cinnamon spice, apricot, Paris, and several flavors of decaf. Just take your pick! I would love to hear about what you have been doing this week.

A couple of things have been going on with me. I’m setting up a writing room for myself as I am working on a novel. The writing room is going to be in my sunroom. It is only in the planning stages right now but I hope it is ready within the next month. It will have my big knotty pine desk facing outward toward the windows so I can have the view of my beautiful backyard and the forest. My sunroom is surrounded by windows. It will have two sofas for comfort and possibly a recliner. Several big shaggy rugs will cover the short pile carpet that is on the floor. I will have strong lamps for excellent lighting. I want a microwave and room for my tea. Possibly even a small refrigerator.

I have to improve the heating and air conditioning systems in the sunroom, but it doesn’t look like that will be too difficult. I want it warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. A friend suggested that I have tapestries hanging, particularly in the winter, to improve warmth and I like that idea. I may have a screen to block off an area that I don’t want to see. I will decorate the walls with art pleasing to me plus cute signs relevant to the challenges writers face. Marty, the sign you just sent me will be perfect. I want a book shelf – a small one – to hold my writing books.

Of course, I will have a dog bed for my little dog, Betsy, and some of her toys in my writing room so she can be with me as I write. Betsy is a velcro dog and doesn’t leave my side. Fortunately, there is a door from my writing room out to the deck and backyard so she can go in and out as she pleases.

I am really looking forward to using my writing room. It is apart from the main part of my house and will give me privacy and quiet so I can do my work. It won’t be too quiet, however. I will have my music there with me. Of course, I will have the electrical outlets necessary for all my computers and electronics as well as a WiFi modem. I wanted to tell all of you about it! I have a very creative friend when it comes to the decorative part of things and I hope she will help me as decorating is not my strong suit. Pam, I hope you’ll help with this part!

Fall is coming and winter won’t be far behind here in Kentucky in the U.S. We have four definite seasons and I will be able to watch them change in my writing room with all the windows. I hope that will give me inspiration. Since I will be looking at a forested backyard and a deep forest beside and behind it, I will be able to watch the wildlife and revel in the different types of foliage and fauna. It will be a beautiful view as the leaves change and when it snows.

In other news, my friend, Pam, and I visited the most lovely little boutique in the city nearest me this past week. Sometime, I will write an entire blog post about it. It is called Jerome and it has been in Lexington for more than 50 years. Owned, still, by the original owner. It’s one of those shops you don’t find anymore with all kinds of personal attention by the proprietor and sales people. Jerome has the most beautiful clothes and accessories. They will special order anything you want. They also provide “beauty” services for women. Jerome provides a valuable service in that they have high quality wigs for women who have a hair problem such as those who have gone through chemotherapy or have other issues. It’s always fun and a pleasure to shop at Jerome and to take advantage of the beauty services they offer women. This kind of boutique is hard to find in any city these days.

My fellow bloggers here on WordPress are writers, many professional writers. I would love to hear about where you write. Tell me about your writing spaces in the comments! Have a wonderful week!  #weekendcoffeeshare #beauty #writing #writingspaces #amwriting #amblogging

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  1. Your “writing room” sounds wonderful, how I envy you! But it’s envy in a good way, as a writer who seeks the peace and quiet that only writing seems to demand. I too need a certain atmosphere in order to be creative. At times I do seek the writing to help me in stressful times, it helps me to immerse into the “world of words” whether they are mine or others. I can “get lost” for short a while. The tea sound wonderful and since I also have a sweet tooth, I’ll bake a little something, nothing special, cause I’m no baker, but it should taste good smothered in butter!

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  2. Your sunroom sounds delightful! And, I love your phrase “velcro” dog, lol! What is your novel about? You are sooooo fortunate to have a place away from the main part of the home.
    I mostly write in my what previously was my daughter’s bedroom . I’ve filled it with plants and my favourite things. A soft red rug for my dog and plenty of doggie toys.


  3. Your proposed writing room sounds spectacular and inviting as well as relaxing. What a delight for you to enjoy, to escape to and create in. A definite boon to the creative juices I’d say. I moved recently after 30 years and currently write in my living room, often invaded by delightful little people, as well as other family members. I manage to write often as adults work and children are in school. I am able to block out others for the most part in order to write, perhaps not for long periods of time, but as “family” comes first, I sincerely don’t mind interruptions. On occasion they are welcome as I need to gather my thoughts in order to continue. Many happy hours are in your future and I am very happy on your behalf. Congratulations. I look forward to your prose from your new writing desk surrounded by such a pleasurable view. Take care until next time.

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  4. Hi! I am coming for the coffee. Keep it in the flask as I’ll take quite a while to arrive. Lot of traffic. A pleasure to read about your writing project. Bravo! You write beautifully and I am sure you will win hearts and minds with your writing. Great day to you!

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  5. Sorry, Rosemary. That message sent itself before I was finished. I was also going to mention that my laptop is currently parked on top of my Border Collie, Bilbo. He can be a bit velcro like at times but also goes out and lies in the sun. I also write on trains when I catch them and even while cooking, driving. I find it very hard to switch the inspiration off at times.
    I hope you have a great week and good luck with your writing!
    xx Rowena

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    1. Ah, Rowena, how I wish we had an adequate train system here. But, it’s just cars and more cars. I would love it if I could get around by train and I would write and write on them. I, like you, get inspired and do things like stay up all night to write. Can’t turn off my head! Love it that you write on the back of your dog! You, too, have a great week and write on!

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      1. I know exactly what you mean about struggling to turn off your head. It’s so busy up there! I am trying to get into mindfulness and slow things down a bit.
        The irony is that my body is in the slow lane while my head is in the fast lane. No wonder I feel confused!

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      2. Oh, of course, Rowena, at my age, my body is slowing down too which is so frustrating. I take care of myself and do all the things I should to keep myself as young as possible as there is still so much I want to do! It has to hold out for awhile as My head, like yours, has so much it wants to do! 🙂


  6. This writing space sounds very inviting and inspirational. All the light and connection to the outdoors will be dreamy. You are bound to produce some good work when you move into it. Have fun with it.

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  7. Your writing room sounds wonderful, how exciting it will be as it all comes together.. 🙂 Kentucky is so beautiful, we have family there and enjoy visiting.

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