On Being Careful

We live such careful lives these days. We ride our bikes and wear helmets. We drive our cars and wear seat belts. It seems that we strive to not only be politically correct at every turn but to live our lives in a “middle of the road” kind of way. We want to achieve balance between work and home, between the personal and the professional, between the fun stuff and the stuff we think we have to do. Where has the spontaneity gone? The passion? Why don’t we throw caution to the wind anymore? What are we afraid of?

I think it may be all about money and what isn’t about money may be about fear. We are afraid to throw caution to the wind and live spontaneously because what if something unexpected happens? What if we ride our bike with no helmet and get hurt? I see a cascade of money resulting from that decision. Do we have health insurance to take care of that injury? What if we have a head injury and are permanently impaired? Then we can’t work and make money. Who will care for us and how? Money and fear. All because we just jumped on our bike one day and took a ride up the street without a helmet.

In a more innocent time, such fears never occurred to us.

These fears have dulled our passion for life and its joys. We think many frames ahead. We plod along, living the life we think we want or have to live, and we don’t have the fun we want to have because of fear. Live your best life. Don’t be afraid. You only have one.

Analytical or Creative?

I have been a writer all of my life, taking time out to be a college professor for most of 30 years. Even then, I wrote about my field for the popular press, usually not cool for the academician, and I also engaged in academic writing as a good a ademician should. Never got around to the creative stuff, though it was always in my head.

Now that I am writing freelance, I am going to do both…..some creative writing for my own pleasure like this essay. Who knows, maybe I can even get a publisher interested.

I have to keep food on the table, so my analysis and reporting of the goings on in business and business finance will continue. It’s fascinating, particularly in this new political climate in which we find ourselves. Big economic implications will arise. I will try to make sense of all of that and more. Here is my latest article on startups. I may even try my hand at a few ebooks.

Please comment and let’s have a conversation. I will enjoy getting to know you. Come back often.