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Hard Work

“Mom, I’m embarrassed,” the boy said. His mom was working around in their tent, trying to straighten the bed clothes from the night before and get the boy dressed for school. “It’s my turn to have the boys over for

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Share Your World – 2016 Week 48

 Cee’s Photography Blog has a cool challenge that I’ve decided to participate in for a bit. The title is self-explanatory. Let’s see if I can do this! Cee asks four questions and a bonus question. 1. Do you like to eat

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The Letter

June 18, 1899 Dear Miss Chandler: Thank you for your letter concerning our patient, Mrs. Monica Chandler. I understand that you recently discovered that she is your mother and would like to know her condition and whether you can visit.

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It’s Not This Time of Year Without….

It’s Not This Time of Year Without… making sure that the wildlife, particularly the birds and deer, that inhabit my property have enough food and shelter. My property has been designated as a National Wildlife Federation habitat. That just means that I

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Just Some News….

Good news! Some of you know that I was recently approached by a large firm about becoming their Subject Matter Expert in finance for a project they are undertaking. After some negotiation, taking their test, and talking to their recruitment

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#weekendcoffeeshare 11/26/2016

Good morning, everyone! Please come in and share a hot beverage with me. I have coffee, just about any type you want to try. I also have hot tea, my personal hot beverage of choice. There are many varieties. Take

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#SoCS November 26/16

What an interesting two weeks it has been since I last posted a stream of consciousness post! My psyche is all over the place so I hope I can write, and you can follow, this post. It may not be pretty.

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Mind the Gap: The Knowledge Gap

The gap between current knowledge and knowledge that doesn’t exist yet…..

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Mother, May I?

As they drove home from the city, the sky looked ominous. They were late and her mother was going to be waiting on her dinner. They had needed time to themselves today. Her mother was always there. They never had

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Buried Treasure

Raven asked her mother, “But, Mother, that’s part of our guest house. Why can’t we open the door?” Her mother shivered, feeling that Raven was old enough to know the truth. So she told Raven about the old dwarf that

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