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The Great Escape

“What is it, Mama?” the boy asked as they walked down the sidewalk with the great wheel looming in front of them. “We don’t know, son. Some say it’s our Great Escape to another world since we can’t drink our

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“My God, Nathan, let’s stay out of that old house,” Karen said. Nathan and Karen were college students doing a field study on water pollution in the Everglades in South Florida. They had spent most of the morning taking water

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Siblings of the Heart

Mary lived in the country, outside a small town. Ben’s family moved next door. She was ten and he was six. Ben’s sister, Dina, was one year old. In the summer, they played outside. Boy games. Baseball. They camped in

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Snowball Fight

“Daniel, this the first snow in five years. It’s beautiful, but I wonder what it means?” “Yes, Kate. Since that very warm winter we had in 2017, the weather during the last five years has been unheard of across the

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“Caroline, you have disobeyed me,” her mother said, slurring her words, as she stepped toward her daughter. “Give me that doll you have behind your back.” Caroline sobbed. Her favorite aunt gave her Dolly. Her aunt that was so nice to

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Time is a Wheel

“Harry, please don’t play underneath the house. It’s dangerous,” said Harry’s mother when she found her nine-year old son leaning on the old wheel under the house. “But, Mom, said Harry, “I have to see what the wheel says.” “What

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The Runaway

She sat huddled in a booth in the back of the diner. Clutching her backpack against her chest. That man had tried to sit down beside her. She’d told him she was only 15 years old. He finally left. Jeff,

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The Veteran and Christmas Spirit

  The old guy sitting in the diner was a Vietnam vet. He didn’t know what to do. His last buddy, also his roommate, died today. That meant his home was gone too. He had been there for hours. The

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Wildfire and Rose

“It’s going to be 19 degrees F. tonight and not more than 21 degrees tomorrow. We have to get the horses in,” Skip said. “Especially Wildfire,” I replied. “His coat seems thin this year. He’s not out there with the

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They unpacked their luggage in the room on the top floor of the old house. The view was magnificent as they looked out onto the flats. Magnificent but disturbing somehow. “Do you like it?” he asked. She thought about it

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