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John decided to warm up while Carl and Scotty bought their train tickets. The train ran much later tonight, but they had to get their seats. They wanted to entertain the crowd and maybe make a little money while they

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The Moonshiners

“Barney, be quiet, for God’s sake. Don’t alert the whole county that we’re out here,” Lester whispered. “I’m trying, Lester, but the leaves and limbs on this forest floor make noise when you walk on them.” “The moonshine still is

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Christmas Miracle

The street light glowed brightly at the end of the side street of the dying town. It was Christmas Eve but the homeless men who huddled around the barrel glowing with fire didn’t notice. They were focused on getting warm.

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The Letter

June 18, 1899 Dear Miss Chandler: Thank you for your letter concerning our patient, Mrs. Monica Chandler. I understand that you recently discovered that she is your mother and would like to know her condition and whether you can visit.

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Mother, May I?

As they drove home from the city, the sky looked ominous. They were late and her mother was going to be waiting on her dinner. They had needed time to themselves today. Her mother was always there. They never had

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The Spook

We are sitting across the street in the non-descript black sedan watching Frank’s house. The Agency has assigned us to the job of determining if Frank is circumspect enough to work for them, to be a spy. There are a

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The Diamond

The exotic-looking man stood at the jewelry counter waiting on the diamond expert. The expert was appraising the frightfully large diamond. He had just sent word that it was over six carats. It was multi-faceted and seemed faintly pink. What

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The Man’s Retreat

We looked at the property in the fall and the deep gold of the leaves astounded us. Behind the main house was this shed. Just the kind of place my husband liked for himself. A retreat. Never mind that is

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Breckinridge and the Reunion

  Tim and Skip looked at the picture fondly. They remembered the days of soccer at Breckinridge. After finding it, they were discussing a reunion of the soccer boys who were in their class. “That’s Kenny and Scott,” Skip said.

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The Gardener

“Betty,” the man said. “The soil in this garden is as dry as dust.” Betty replied, “Our vegetables are still growing pretty well, Curtis.” “They won’t keep growing like this unless we get some rain or we start irrigating. Irrigating

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