The Homeless Veterans


Every morning they were there. All the jars with hot drinks in them. It was starting to get cold in the city. The season was changing from fall into winter. There was a man in an army jacket who came long before dawn and set up the jars. He took great care with them.

David was homeless and usually tried to sleep in a cubby hole he’d found in the park. Since the man had been setting up the hot drinks each morning, David sat in the shadows and watched him. David was a veteran of the Army. The Vietnam War. There was something familiar about the man.

The homeless people in the area always came with a cup right after dawn. David joined them. The coffee tasted wonderful and was hot. It warmed them, their bodies and their souls. The man kept coming with refills.

David looked up at him and their eyes met. They both started to smile. They had been in the same platoon in the war.

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9 thoughts on “The Homeless Veterans”

  1. How kind of the man to give hot coffee to the homeless! It really is wonderful that they both know each other. It truly is sad that so many vets are homeless. Great story!

  2. What a wonderful tribute you’ve written for us. It is deep and poignant. Showing what we should be doing for one another.

  3. oh so touching my heart warmed when they recognised each other. Shameful for these people to end up on the street

  4. Wonderful that they get to see each other, old friends from war, and both survived. But also very sad for their sacrifices that they gave ended up on the streets. I imagine in cold winter the coffee helps a great deal. Enjoyed your take!

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