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Blogging and Appropriateness

Do you ever have a qualm about a blog post you want to make? Is there ever anything you really want to write but you are unsure if it is appropriate for your audience here or if it will possibly

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With No Memory: A Story of PTSD

It was so frustrating. Liz got up every morning, sometimes at 4-5 a.m. Sometimes at 7 a.m. It didn’t matter the time. She never slept more than three or four hours a night. Still, she managed to function normally. This

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#weekendcoffeeshare – 01/28/2017

Hello everyone! If we were having coffee today, it would be at a coffee shop since I am away from home. We can have fun in the coffee shop nearby! I hope everyone has been well and that your writing

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Wrapping Up My Blog for 2016 and Making Changes for 2017

Hello everyone! This week, I am dedicating my work on my blog to wrapping it up for 2016 and getting things going for 2017 with some changes. Watch this space to see what I’m going to do with the blog

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The Cool and the Fool

See those boys standing on the street corner? There. Yes! Those are the ones. Leaning against the lamppost. Cigarettes hanging out of their mouths. Leather jackets. They think they’re too cool for school, don’t they? They’re probably only 16 years

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