My Face


“My face looks sort of cracked,” the little boy said as he looked at his reflection in the water puddle. When he looked up, if anyone had been looking at him, they would have known why. His face was screwed up because he had been crying.

The little boy looked back in the puddle of water. He said to his reflection, “Where is my mom? She said she would be here a long time ago to pick me up.” His reflection didn’t answer him.

He looked up, but he was afraid to go toward the street. He looked back down at the water puddle at his reflection.

“My school is closed. I don’t know what to do. I can’t call her.” He saw his face screw up again. He started sobbing.

Suddenly, he heard his mother’s voice as she comes running toward him. Her car had trouble.

The Good Detective


A sociopath was terrorizing his girlfriend. She wanted nothing to do with him. She didn’t think he wanted anything to do with her either. He just wanted to torment her. Why? Because she existed and because he felt she had led him astray. Never mind that he had been the one that had invited her to get together with him all those months ago.

Jax was a detective. He had been seeing Eliza since her divorce and her move away from her long time home. Also since the end of the relationship with the sociopath. She and Jax weren’t young anymore, but they had found happiness with each other. The only glitch was this man, this man who was the detritus of life. That’s all you could call him. He wasn’t really a man at all. Jax was determined to stop him from tormenting Eliza. He’d done enough to her. Far more than enough. The end of that relationship was harder than the divorce on Eliza.

There was only one problem. Jax knew how to stop the sociopath. In order to do it, he had to betray Eliza.




One of the promises that President Donald Trump made during his campaign was to address the failing infrastructure in the U.S. That is a campaign promise that everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, can get behind. His current travel ban on certain groups from certain countries is now a new policy that is not amenable to a high percentage of the population of the U.S., even some of his own supporters.

My suggestion is that he practice a replacement strategy and focus on policies that can be supported by a majority of the American people such as the infrastructure policy. Mr. Trump has very low initial ratings as a President. Focusing on the infrastructure policy, as opposed to this travel ban on groups from other countries, would endear him to the American public. Everyone knows that the infrastructure must be addressed.

Even though Mr. Trump is signing executive orders on issue after issue, there are many of them that Congress has to address before they can before law. Mr. Trump just seems to be flailing around, not listening to his advisers, and perhaps not telling the truth to the American people regarding the travel ban. It has been reported that Mr. Trump conferred with Rudy Guiliani concerning the “Muslim ban” before he put the travel ban in place. This does not start his Presidency out on a positive note. Instead, he has to deal with people demonstrating in almost every airport across the country.

Mr. Trump chose seven countries for his travel ban. Interestingly, he did not put three countries on the list that were involved in the 9/11 attacks and he has business interests in all three countries.

There are questions. Has Mr. Trump violated the Constitution with his travel ban and refusing to allow immigrants into the country? At the very least, this travel ban is unAmerican. The Statue of Liberty has the following quote carved on it:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”


Song Lyric Sunday – 1/28/2017


Hello everyone! I chose the Bill Withers song, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” for my contribution today, the theme being “sun.” This is a song from my generation. Here are the lyrics:

Ain’t No Sunshine – Single Version
Bill Withers
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
It’s not warm when she’s away
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away
Wonder this time where she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away
And I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know,
Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone

#weekendcoffeeshare – 01/28/2017


Hello everyone! If we were having coffee today, it would be at a coffee shop since I am away from home. We can have fun in the coffee shop nearby!

I hope everyone has been well and that your writing muse is with you. I’ve been traveling, so my writing muse has been absent recently. I haven’t had ready access to Wifi which has also hurt me since I’m so used to writing while I’m online. I do that so I can readily do research when necessary.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you how much I’m enjoying the weather here in Florida. I’m used to snow and cold at this time of year. Instead, it’s in the 70s and beautiful. We’re having a little cool spell right now, but nothing compared to what my friends in Kentucky are having. We love where we are staying. It’s a special place along the South Florida Gulf Coast.

Big news. We eventually want to buy a house here and move away from the cold. It will take awhile to find what we want. So, as a temporary measure, we have bought a little vacation home on this island we love so much. It’s tiny and temporary…..though we don’t know how long temporary will be. Could be a year or more as property here is so desirable. It will do until we can move permanently.

We haven’t been sightseeing as much as usual. I’m just enjoying being here. Living here for a few weeks. I’m trying to see some things I’ve never seen before. I’m also trying to spend time in the little village nearby.

I’ve been writing a blog series on our adventures driving an RV to South Florida. If you’re interested, you can find the series under Blog Series on my site. I’ve done a little writing besides that series but not as much as usual.

I’m happy to write another #weekendcoffee share. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked with all of you! I hope you are well and happy and prolific. More from here next week.

#SoCS – Jan. 28/17


Two things are on my mind for this stream of consciousness post. First, I am away on a trip and the place where I am is where I would like to live. The unfortunate part is that it is likely to take a while, maybe a long while, to make that happen. I don’t want to go home. “Home” doesn’t feel like home anymore. This place, this magical place, feels like home. There is very little I can do to rush the process of making my dream “place” my home. I have to wait for property to become available and it seldom does. I will wait. I would wait a long time.

Second, I am worried about the state of our country, the U.S.A. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I feel so strongly that we have an incompetent in the White House. Not only an incompetent but an egomaniacal narcissistic man. A dangerous combination for someone with access to the nuclear codes. He has been there one week and has violated the Constitution multiple times. He has also violated at least one important campaign promise. I know people whose most important requirement of the President  was that he was going to build a wall on the Southern border and have Mexico pay for it. Clearly, Mexico is not going to pay for it. Instead, he is going to tax us for it, the hard-working taxpayers. Not only that, but he has harmed the middle class by cutting the FHA mortgage insurance premiums. He doesn’t care about the middle class.

Do we let him go on and violate our Constitution and do absolutely nothing about it? The result of that will be the death of our democracy. Donald Trump may be the last President of the United States. We may be looking at a different, and less desirable, form of government. An authoritarian dictatorship, for example. If we’re lucky, a parliamentary form of government. Surely not a democratic form of government.

Then we have his and his Secretary of State’s Russian ties. Thankfully, that is being investigated.

The very most disturbing thing is the President’s efforts to stop the flow of information out of many of the federal agencies. Shades of Nazi Germany.

I’ll stop here, though I have so much more I could say.


#15: Adventures in RV Travel – January 27, 2017

Bob, the Wood Stork


@Rosemary Carlson 2017

This is Bob. Bob is a wood stork and a part-time resident of Pine Island RV Resort Park in Florida. Wood storks are endangered in the U.S. Their population is more stable in South America. I was able to get such a good shot of Bob because Bob is sort of the Park Pet. He is perhaps the best fed wood stork around, although wood storks live in colonies and make up to people. He likes the park visitors. We feed him fish (they like minnows) and hot dogs. I have known Bob as long as I’ve been going to Pine Island – a long time now. We’re all very fond of him. He even knows his name!

Wood storks are very large. You don’t feed them out of your hand. Look at their beak! They can remove your hand easily. You drop their food on the ground. In the wild, they feed on fish in shallow water. Florida’s dry winters suit them as ponds, creeks, and lakes dry up and make fishing easy for them. Winter in Florida is also their breeding season.

Wood storks nest in large flocks. They used to nest in the trees all around Pine Island. They don’t anymore. They live to be up to 18 years old. We think Bob is starting to get older. You won’t see many wood storks. If you are lucky enough to see one, please be good to he/she and appreciate them. Thank you.


#14: Adventures in RV Travel – January 27, 2017


Birds of South Florida


Good news, dear readers! Wifi in the RV Park in which we are staying is now fixed! Someone (workers) UNPLUGGED IT?????? Above is a very special photo. This is a picture of an osprey nest high above the streets of Ft. Myers, FL. There are many of them at this time of year.

The picture above is that of various birds of South Florida. A stork on the left. An egret on the bottom right in the Everglades. A pelican on the top right.

The picture above are of two unidentified birds in the Everglades.



As she walked along Main Street of this funky little fishing village, turned artsy community, she knew that she would feel incomplete when she left it. It was just a small village, but she had visited it many times. Every time she was here, she was afraid it would be the last time. She felt like it should be the first. She felt she belonged here.

Have you ever found a place that felt like “your” place? A place where you felt perfectly at home. Like you could fit in perfectly. That’s how she felt in this village. Like she had finally found home. She didn’t know what made her feel this way. Maybe because the village was full of creative people. Eccentric people. People who had gotten tired of the ways of the outside world and had somehow found this village to escape whatever they had to escape. She liked everyone she had met here. Odd. She didn’t like many people these days. She liked the people here.

Here, in this village, she could smile again. It had been a long time since she had smiled. All her cares seemed to slip away here along with the bad memories. She didn’t think about or remember him anymore. The one who had hurt her so badly. She didn’t even think about the one she had left. It felt like a fresh start here in this small village.

She had to leave it at least one more time, even though leaving left her feeling so incomplete. She had to at least go back home and wrap up her affairs. Then, she could come back here and stay forever. She could study the ecosystem as they tried to re-establish the wetlands. She could write her novel and get this second novel placed with a publisher. She could live day-to-day and not put any value on the material stuff of life.

She had already rented a place to live here. Her new life before her was exciting. She thought he had ruined it. He had certainly tried. If she was honest, she would say that he had ruined parts of it. She wouldn’t ever feel anything again for a man. At least she could still feel for a place. This magical place.