#One-Liner Wednesday


From my upcoming novel:

“I have to talk to Daddy about changing the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement with Miles so I can get out of this terrible marriage,” thought Wendy, as she drove to meet Barb, her long-time lover.








#SoCS – 05/27/2017


All that seems to be on my mind these days, and just about all I’m doing, is working on my novel. I’ve been reading about writing a novel as much as I’ve been writing. I’m not a novice writer, but I am certainly a novice novel writer so I’ve been trying to learn as much about novel writing as I can learn.

In order to give depth to the novel and the characters, you have to use the characters’ senses to paint the pictures in the book that you want your readers to see. One surprisingly sense that I, in writing my novel, have found particularly effective, is the sense of smell.

If your character takes a walk in the woods, for example, and the wildflowers smell sweet and lovely, that sets a scene in the reader’s mind of a beautiful day in the life of the character. But if those same wildflowers smell cloying and too sweet, the scene is interpreted by your readers as something completely different.

In novel writing, smell can be a very powerful sense for the writer to use for the purpose of illustrating a scene.

The example I’ve just given is a very subtle example that a writer can use to set the meaning of a scene in a reader’s mind. Of course, there are examples of smell that are far more obvious. The smell of asphalt on a highway. The smell of different types of food. You get the picture. If you are a professional writer or have aspirations to be, develop a file of all the different types of smells that you find that you can use in your writing and that information will serve you well.

Writing a Novel


In writing my first novel, I am finding it is becoming a living thing. I know that so many of my blogging friends are also novelists. As a first time novelist, I would love to discuss methods with you.

I feel the need to be super organized. I am writing out the characterizations, in detail, for each major character and shorter characterizations for the minor characters. I am writing out the story line and trying to write the first layer of the plot. I will get to the other layers of the plot though I have not tackled those yet. I have built the story world, though this story will take place in a number of geographic areas.

Some say you should think about your theme last. Is that true? Jodi Picoult, for example. You know her theme almost from the first page. Is that a better way?

Do you jump in and just write and not worry about any of this? That is so tempting, but when you think about the things I’ve just mentioned, it seems a recipe for disaster.

Any comments? What’s worked for you? #amwriting #writing #amblogging