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As she walked along Main Street of this funky little fishing village, turned artsy community, she knew that she would feel incomplete when she left it. It was just a small village, but she had visited it many times. Every

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Wising Up

“I thought your parents were coming tonight?” James said. “They are. They said they would meet us here at the restaurant at 6,” replied Barbara. “I’m only waiting five more minutes,” James stated angrily. Barbara sighed. James could be so

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Sleep was always elusive for her. Her battles were fought when she was awake. She lived the consequences during her sleep at night. She had fought too many battles. This last battle had marked her deeply. It wasn’t over yet.

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They were in Europe for only two weeks. The kids wanted to take a boat ride on the canals. It was the week before Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. Every American that possibly could was escaping the

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#1: Adventures in RV Travel

We are getting ready to take a trip in our RV! We’re going to play snow birds this winter. We don’t every winter, but we do most winters. We have a favorite place we go in Florida (a surprise for

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Mistaking Power for Love in Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship that feels more like a power struggle than a healthy love relationship? There is a lot of that out there. There is nothing at all healthy about such relationships. A healthy love relationships

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The Mongrel

I already had the most wonderful dog, Eliza, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She was my baby, my friend, my protector. One Saturday, I went to the pet store to stock up on supplies for Eliza. Saturday is the day the

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#weekendcoffeeshare – 01/08/2017

“Hello, Jenn! Come in quickly! It’s so terribly cold!” Jenn is joining me today for our #weekendcoffeeshare. It’s only 6F degrees this morning and I can hardly believe anyone at all will get out and trek to my house for

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Can our Democracy Last?

John Adams, one of our founders feared that it could not when he said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Of course, that

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Time is a Wheel

“Harry, please don’t play underneath the house. It’s dangerous,” said Harry’s mother when she found her nine-year old son leaning on the old wheel under the house. “But, Mom, said Harry, “I have to see what the wheel says.” “What

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