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Censorship and the Bookstore on the Corner

The little bookstore used to be one of the gathering places in the small village. The front of the bookstore had the current bestsellers and also some books that were worthy but that had not caught the eye of the

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Snowball Fight

“Daniel, this the first snow in five years. It’s beautiful, but I wonder what it means?” “Yes, Kate. Since that very warm winter we had in 2017, the weather during the last five years has been unheard of across the

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Most of what I’ve written recently has been fiction. I may write a story or a scene from a story about this topic – forgiveness – as well. This post is more like a journal entry, a nonfiction post, about

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Fear of Flying

Violet had never been afraid of flying. She was flying to her new home in South Florida late this afternoon. She was terrified. She had scheduled an appointment with her sleep doctor for something to take the edge off so

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I’m Sorry, Coal Miners, Trump’s Promises to you are Empty

Donald Trump is right to want to put our nation’s coal miners back to work. He is not right to promise to put them back to work in a declining industry and make promises to them he cannot keep. Trump

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Song Lyric Sunday – Romantic Love Songs

For Song Lyric Sunday, we were asked to find the love song that spoke to us. For me, it is Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” written, in 1972, by Dolly Parton. My friends, my best friends, will know

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#SoCS – 2/18/2017

Is it Winter?, Basketball, Reading, Writing After being in South Florida for a month, I am confused about the seasons. When I was in Florida, I forgot it was winter. Now, I’m home in Kentucky and the temperatures are very

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#weekendcoffeeshare – 02/18/2017

Florida, Climate Change, and Extreme Life Good morning! Welcome to #weekendcoffeeshare! I want to invite everyone in for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or the beverage of your choice. I am liking the Indian Spice Chai Tea because I don’t drink

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Gretta’s Dream

My name is Gretta. I don’t like to sleep. I dread going to sleep every night. You see, I have this dream. The same dream every night with minor variations. I remember my dream because it happens right before I

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#23: Adventures in RV Travel – February 16, 2017

The End of the Road Hello everyone! Tonight, I’m writing you from our home in Kentucky. It’s exciting that now we have two homes, one in Kentucky and one in South Florida! I do love both places. The pictures above

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