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A Day Spa and the Trip Home: #SoCS – 2 04/17

  Soon, we will be leaving Florida and starting toward our home. It will take us a while to get there since there are a couple of legs to that trip. In preparation for the trip home, today I visited

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#SoCS – Jan. 28/17

Two things are on my mind for this stream of consciousness post. First, I am away on a trip and the place where I am is where I would like to live. The unfortunate part is that it is likely

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#SoCS – Jan 20/17

Wow! What a week for a stream of consciousness post. What has overtaken my mind at this point is the fact that I’m in southwest Florida, on an island off the coast of Ft. Myers and it’s warm, dry, and

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#SoCS – Jan 14/17

Pajamas are a wonderful thing. I’ve been exhausted from trying to get ready to travel for a trip where we will be gone for about six weeks. I’ve also been desperately trying to keep up with my writing. Last night,

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#SoCS – Dec 31/16

First, it’s the last day of 2016 and I want to say to all of you how much I’ve enjoyed writing these stream of consciousness challenge posts and, most of all, reading your posts, in 2016. There are wonderfully talented

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#SoCS – Dec 24/16

Good morning to everyone! I only have one thing of importance on my mind today. I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone out there celebrating the holidays. In the United States, it has been such a

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#SoCS – Dec 10/16

When I saw Linda’s prompt this week, all I could think about were the East Tennessee fires of a couple of weeks ago and the little baby bears who were left homeless in the wake of the terrible, wind-driven fire in the

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#SoCS December 3/16

The prompt “sh” inspired me to write about my wonderful sheepdogs.

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#SoCS November 26/16

What an interesting two weeks it has been since I last posted a stream of consciousness post! My psyche is all over the place so I hope I can write, and you can follow, this post. It may not be pretty.

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#SoCS November 12/16 Remembering my Dad….

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. Linda reminded us that it’s also Remembrance Day in Canada. I have remembering on my mind, particularly remembering my dad. He fought in World War II. It was his side of the family from which my

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