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Censorship and the Bookstore on the Corner

The little bookstore used to be one of the gathering places in the small village. The front of the bookstore had the current bestsellers and also some books that were worthy but that had not caught the eye of the

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Gretta’s Dream

My name is Gretta. I don’t like to sleep. I dread going to sleep every night. You see, I have this dream. The same dream every night with minor variations. I remember my dream because it happens right before I

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The Good Detective

A sociopath was terrorizing his girlfriend. She wanted nothing to do with him. She didn’t think he wanted anything to do with her either. He just wanted to torment her. Why? Because she existed and because he felt she had

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As she walked along Main Street of this funky little fishing village, turned artsy community, she knew that she would feel incomplete when she left it. It was just a small village, but she had visited it many times. Every

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Old Time Rock and Roll

It was 1979. The good ole days of rock and roll. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, to be exact. If she had known how good they had really been, she would have paid more attention. Enjoyed them even more

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Sleep was always elusive for her. Her battles were fought when she was awake. She lived the consequences during her sleep at night. She had fought too many battles. This last battle had marked her deeply. It wasn’t over yet.

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Lying in London

“Patrick!” Rebecca cried. “What a wonderful thing to do! Look at that beautiful tray of food.” “It’s the least I could do for us tonight. You had a long day of shopping. I had a long day exploring London.” Rebecca

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The Runaway

She sat huddled in a booth in the back of the diner. Clutching her backpack against her chest. That man had tried to sit down beside her. She’d told him she was only 15 years old. He finally left. Jeff,

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She Ran Calling Wildfire

It was early morning when I went to the barn to saddle him. It had been a year since the barn fire. We had pulled him out of that fire but he had lost his left eye. It took almost

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She had always wanted to visit Iceland. As a photographer, she knew that some of the most amazing pictures could be taken there and she made her living selling her photos. She had been in Iceland for several days and

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