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The Deer on my Porch

When I first moved to my home, 18 years ago now, I lived on a gravel, country road in a rural county in my state and my house was the only occupied house on the road. Life had been tough

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Recipe for Memorial Day: Corn Pudding

Recipe for corn pudding

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#weekendcoffeeshare: 5/28/2016

Decoration Day in Appalachia

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The Early Homes of the Appalachian Mountain People

Friday Fare to Appalachia Caves. Rock ledge overhangs. Primitive cabins. In that order. That is where the mountain people of Kentucky settled after they made the difficult trip to what would become the Commonwealth. As the people came into Kentucky

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Introducing A Regular Blog Feature: Friday Fare to Appalachia

Hi everyone! Beginning this Friday, 5/27/2016, I will introduce a regular Friday feature on my blog, Writings from the Heart, called Friday Fare to Appalachia. Every Friday, you can look forward to a story about Appalachia. An essay, an article,

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Eating Disorders: Orthorexia

Orthorexia is a fixation on eating healthy food.

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Emotional Child Abuse: Mother and Little Girl

In a previous post, I told you a story about a little girl I once knew. Although most of this ongoing story is about the little girl, I want to introduce you to Mother. Maybe a small part of Mother’s story

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Appalachia and Food: Green Beans and Corn Bread

Green beans and corn bread. The staples of life in Appalachia and Eastern Kentucky for the mountain people as they settled the area.  Fresh green beans out of the garden. Even in the winter, green beans and corn bread were

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#weekendcoffeeshare: 5/21/16

Hello! I’m so glad you’re back for our #weekendcoffeeshare! It’s raining outside so bring your coffee and let’s sit on the couch in my office and chat. It’s so good to see you. Do you think the rain is ever

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A Child’s Salvation — the Horse

It’s the week of the Preakness and perhaps that’s why I’m thinking about horses. The Preakness is important here in Kentucky. It’s the second jewel in the Triple Crown and this girl hopes Nyquist will wear it. Not only am

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