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I Can See for Miles…..Farther!

My name is Liz and I told my story here last fall in a story called I Can See for Miles. I didn’t use my name then because I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I can use my name now. Yes,

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Rebecca’s Tragedy

When Rebecca was a teenager, a tragedy befell her. I’m only talking about the tragedy now because I’m telling her story in a book I’m writing and this chapter is necessary in order for you to understand her. It’s part

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The Windfall

“It’s impossible to get a good price for cattle nowdays, Desiree,” Clint said as he passed through the kitchen. “What’s wrong, honey?” she replied. “I’ve taken all the cattle to Ed Davenport to be evaluated and priced except that one

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Gretta’s Dream

My name is Gretta. I don’t like to sleep. I dread going to sleep every night. You see, I have this dream. The same dream every night with minor variations. I remember my dream because it happens right before I

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Sleep was always elusive for her. Her battles were fought when she was awake. She lived the consequences during her sleep at night. She had fought too many battles. This last battle had marked her deeply. It wasn’t over yet.

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Bachelor Buttons

Barbara flings herself down on her couch in frustration. The damn muffler fell off her car again. This is only the third time. She had to call for a tow. Another expensive tow to the muffler shop. Can’t those people

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