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Hospitality in the Retail Sector

I went to a new day spa last week. I really enjoyed my experience there. Part of the reason that I did was their hospitality. Of course, that is supposed to be part of the experience at a day spa.

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He didn’t dare go home. He had worked all day, but he and his buddies had slipped out to the car and had one too many snorts of Old Crowe. He didn’t want to incur Pansy’s wrath, and he didn’t

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CQ: What does “Wealth” Mean to me?

What does wealth mean to you?

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Mind the Gap: The Knowledge Gap

The gap between current knowledge and knowledge that doesn’t exist yet…..

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Social Responsibility in Banking

2008 Financial Collapse in Banking Since the near collapse of the U.S. financial institutions at the end of 2008, the social responsibility of these and other institutions have been front and center in the American consciousness. It became apparent that

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Will the Economy Affect the Presidential Election?

I’m tired of the word “circus” when describing the 2016 Presidential election. It’s much worse than a circus as the connotation of that word is an event that includes fun and games. Even though the whole thing has seemed funny

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