He didn’t dare go home. He had worked all day, but he and his buddies had slipped out to the car and had one too many snorts of Old Crowe. He didn’t want to incur Pansy’s wrath, and he didn’t want to scare his sweet daughter.

That bike had been sitting there all day. Everyone was gone. He jumped on it and headed to the bar. He’d have another drink or two. Gus would let him sleep it off in the back room.

Sitting on the bar stool, he turned around and there stood Pansy. She offered him her arm.


Photo Credit @ Jellico’s Stationhouse

19 thoughts on “Grace”

    1. Thank you, Rochelle. I think I can tell you, Rochelle, what else Pansy offered him since I knew her all of her life. She offered him nothing but safe passage home.

      1. Since Pansy is/was a real person, did she look back in old age with regret that she had helped him, or was she content with the system they’d had? (Pr perhaps she had no choice?)

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