Travel Florida: An Interesting Bird Experience


See that bird? That bird demonstrated to me tonight what a vastly different environment I’m living in. That bird is a Night Heron. I could not supply you with my own picture because when I saw him, it was dark and he was almost on top of me. It was not the optimal environment in which to take his photograph! So, Wikipedia is providing his picture. I hope to get one of my own.

Night herons are not the Great Blue Herons you’ve heard of. Oh no. They are birds that like to ambush us unsuspecting people. Specifically, unsuspecting people who have been fishing. Let me tell you what happened.

I visited the pier at Bokeelia tonight, another community on Pine Island. A beautiful place and I will post pictures. We met some people, and we were all hanging out on the pier after sunset talking, laughing, and some were fishing. I was close to one of the fishermen. He would pull in a fish and place it on the pier. At that point, I didn’t know anything about these birds they call night herons.

My companion said something to someone about the night heron, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Suddenly, someone said, “There is a night heron!”

I looked up and right behind me, this bird, the one in the picture, is walking along the railing of the pier, crouched down, skulking, toward the man who was fishing and his fish that were lying very near to me. No one had yet told me that the bird was after those fish. I never dreamed he was going to take them right off the pier in a crowd of people. The bird was practically beside me and something on the pier caused a disturbance and off he flew. Otherwise, this writer would have had a serious panic attack as he landed at my feet to retrieve his catch.

The fact that my companions were all so amused did not amuse me. They found that out……after they finished laughing at my shock and dismay!

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  1. Sorry, I’m joining your friends on this one 😉 Up north the great blues are very shy, but I’ve seen pictures of them stealing fish right out of a basket a fisherman had on his back! I’m assuming the night herons do the same…

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