One of the promises that President Donald Trump made during his campaign was to address the failing infrastructure in the U.S. That is a campaign promise that everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, can get behind. His current travel ban on certain groups from certain countries is now a new policy that is not amenable to a high percentage of the population of the U.S., even some of his own supporters.

My suggestion is that he practice a replacement strategy and focus on policies that can be supported by a majority of the American people such as the infrastructure policy. Mr. Trump has very low initial ratings as a President. Focusing on the infrastructure policy, as opposed to this travel ban on groups from other countries, would endear him to the American public. Everyone knows that the infrastructure must be addressed.

Even though Mr. Trump is signing executive orders on issue after issue, there are many of them that Congress has to address before they can before law. Mr. Trump just seems to be flailing around, not listening to his advisers, and perhaps not telling the truth to the American people regarding the travel ban. It has been reported that Mr. Trump conferred with Rudy Guiliani concerning the “Muslim ban” before he put the travel ban in place. This does not start his Presidency out on a positive note. Instead, he has to deal with people demonstrating in almost every airport across the country.

Mr. Trump chose seven countries for his travel ban. Interestingly, he did not put three countries on the list that were involved in the 9/11 attacks and he has business interests in all three countries.

There are questions. Has Mr. Trump violated the Constitution with his travel ban and refusing to allow immigrants into the country? At the very least, this travel ban is unAmerican. The Statue of Liberty has the following quote carved on it:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”


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