#14: Adventures in RV Travel – January 27, 2017


Birds of South Florida


Good news, dear readers! Wifi in the RV Park in which we are staying is now fixed! Someone (workers) UNPLUGGED IT?????? Above is a very special photo. This is a picture of an osprey nest high above the streets of Ft. Myers, FL. There are many of them at this time of year.

The picture above is that of various birds of South Florida. A stork on the left. An egret on the bottom right in the Everglades. A pelican on the top right.

The picture above are of two unidentified birds in the Everglades.

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1 thought on “#14: Adventures in RV Travel – January 27, 2017

  1. The bottom right might be from the heron family, but I’m no expert so could be mistaken. Before we started RVing, we lived in a house on a lake and the different birds would come and visit. The local wildlife people also set up a “baby cam” at an osprey nest so the public could watch the slow process of the eggs hatching. Safe travels! Dawn

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