The Power of Longevity


When he asked me to go camping, I looked at him as if he were a stranger. We’d been together for more years than I could count. For more years than I wanted to count. Camping? I love nature, but when it comes right down to it, I love nature on day trips. At night, I’m a room service kind of gal.

He wanted us to have a new experience. There was a campfire. That helped. When I left the tent, there was a coyote’s eyes looking at me from the edge of the darkness. I felt safe with him.

Photo Prompt Jan Wayne Fields


10 thoughts on “The Power of Longevity

  1. They may be opposites as far as camping is concerned , but that they are there for each other at the end of the day , comforted in each other, is perhaps, what makes all the difference.

  2. It looks like the new experience he had in mind works out well. Sometimes, after many years, people need a little reminder of what they see in each other.

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