Christmas Miracle


The street light glowed brightly at the end of the side street of the dying town. It was Christmas Eve but the homeless men who huddled around the barrel glowing with fire didn’t notice. They were focused on getting warm. It was a frigid winter’s night.

Most of the men didn’t have gloves and held their hands over the fire. Some would probably not survive the night. All would sleep close to the barrel or in nearby doorways. The small town didn’t have funds to help the homeless.

They were hungry but their hunger took second place to the cold. Out of the darkness, a shadow appeared. The shadow approached the men slowly. It was a young girl carrying large brown bags in both hands.

She sat the bags on the ground and walked away. The smell of hot food was  unmistakable. The men slowly walked toward the bags and smiled at their Christmas miracle.

155 words

#amwriting #amblogging #writing #flashfiction #fiction

Photo credit to @Maria@Doodles and Scribbles

Thanks, Priceless Joy!


  1. Great story! I felt so sad reading about the homeless that were freezing and how some wouldn’t make it through the night, then the young girl came with hot food. It must have felt like a real miracle to the homeless people.

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  2. In most places around Australia we have selfless groups of volunteers who feed the homeless regularly! And it helps that we don’t have freezing cold weather too. Well written.


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