Buried Treasure


Raven asked her mother, “But, Mother, that’s part of our guest house. Why can’t we open the door?”

Her mother shivered, feeling that Raven was old enough to know the truth. So she told Raven about the old dwarf that lived behind the blue door and guarded the buried treasure left by her father.

Raven’s mother told her that the buried treasure was given to the dwarves and fairies living near them because Raven’s father had tried to trap the small creatures to sell them to the traveling circus.

Raven stared at her and collapsed at her feet.

(98 words)

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Photo by CEayr


    1. Right now, I’m deep into my first novel, which is a psychological thriller. Amazingly complicated – a novel! I worked for corporations after retiring from teaching – the big ones – but everything I did was proprietary and only available to their clients. I hope to be working for another one soon (yes, I’m a workaholic). Again, what I write for them will be proprietary protected under a non-disclosure agreement. Most of what I do is analyze financial information. Before all this, I wrote for several years for a division of the New York Times. You still may be able to find *some* of my stuff at bizfinance.about.com but that is slowly closing down.It is not that interesting! Just finance stuff. I’ve written for a variety of web-based and print-based mags in the past – but that’s been awhile ago. Consulting is far more lucrative. I’m excited about the novel.

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      1. Is that extract I read from your novel? About the psychopath ending his affair … I would love to publish but my writing is no where near your standard!


      2. That is an excerpt. I’ve read some of your writing and I think it’s excellent. If you were thinking fiction and novels, you would have to enter the world of dialogue which is not hard and even fun. Do you know why I blog…..besides I found it’s fun and a stress reliever? Blogging is practice for real novel writing. I’d be glad to help with advice or whatever whenever you need it.

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      3. Really appreciate your generous offer! Have been told by many people that I have several books in me but nothing arises strongly. Think it’s all been said before ..


      4. IMHO, it would be a real shame, if you DIDN’T write books! You’re talented. Believe me, it has NOT all been said before. It has barely been said at all and never from YOUR perspective. Find something you are passionate about and tackle some non-fiction. I never thought I would EVER tackle fiction because my background is so strongly non-fiction but I’m really enjoying it and I’m told I’m good at it. But my style and your style are probably different. However, the world would be pretty boring if we all were the same. Write!!! Books, articles, opinion pieces. You are something to say and what’s more, you know how to say it! We can talk more on email if you like. I’ll be glad to shoot you my email address.

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