#weekendcoffeeshare 11/26/2016


Good morning, everyone! Please come in and share a hot beverage with me. I have coffee, just about any type you want to try. I also have hot tea, my personal hot beverage of choice. There are many varieties. Take your pick. My favorite is hot cinnamon spice. I even have it in green tea. The apricot is also excellent. Let’s go to my writing studio and I will tell you what’s been going on this week. I have exciting news!

I’ve had a revelation this week with regard to the novel I’m writing! Writing my novel just has not been going very well. I’ve been blocked but it has been more than that. The story just wasn’t coming together like it was supposed to. Then, suddenly, this week I realized why. I was writing it as a romance novel. It isn’t a romance novel at all. It is a psychological thriller! After I realized that, the entire story suddenly made perfect sense. I could put the characters where they were supposed to go and the plot just fell into place.

This epiphany happened, of course, in the middle of the night. I got up out of my bed, came to my writing studio, and wrote the prologue with a psychological thriller in mind and I knew it was going to work. I did a little more work on it, just to solidify it in my mind. By that time, it was almost morning and there was no point in going back to bed. I just stayed up and got some work done.

I feel so much better about my novel. I have quite a bit to rework but it is going to be so much better written as a psychological thriller. That’s all I’m going to tell you in hopes you will read it when it is published! Imagine a romance that turns into a psychological thriller. I hope that’s enough to peak your interest!

That’s what I’ve been doing during the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s been a quiet, sedate holiday other than that. I’ve been flying around the house, thrilled that I figured this out.

The other exciting thing that happened this week was that I connected with an old friend, someone very special to me. I feel like it was a miracle to make this connection again but this is all I’ll say about it right now. I’ll leave you in suspense. #amwriting #amblogging #writing #thriller #Psychological

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Thanks, Diana!


  1. I think it is very cool to be able to interact with a novel like that. I have never attempted fiction, but admire those who do. The green cinnamon spice tea was delightful. it was fun being with you today. Thanks for introducing me to a new tea.


  2. I am please that you figured out why your writing wasn’t working . Long ago I have up on romances but I don’t mind if they are incorporated in a mystery. Physical thrillers I can’t handle now.
    Have a good 👍 writing week and enjoy your time with an old friend.


  3. How wonderful to have an epiphany like that and it freed the flow of writing immediately.Look forward to hearing further how you are going. Lovely to catch up with old friends after years of absence. I have found facebook is good for that. Thanks for the peppermint tea.


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