Journal: My Respite: Sunrise on Pine Island – 11/12/2017


Good morning, Pine Island! Good morning to my readers! I was lucky enough to get the most beautiful sunrise photos over the Matlacha Bay on Pine Island this morning. Enjoy!

Travel Florida: A Perfect Cup in Matlacha


Would you like to have the best cup of coffee, along with the best omelet, you’ve ever tasted? Then come to Matlacha, Florida.

Pine Island is not the only beautiful barrier island off the Creative Coast of Ft. Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. Between Pine Island and the mainland are two other barrier islands. The smallest is Matlacha. It is quite the undiscovered jewel! Everything is on the water. In this case, Matlacha Bay. It is considered part of Pine Island, but it really isn’t. It is its own little jewel in the sun.

In Matlacha is a tiny restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch called A Perfect Cup. You never know who you might see in A Perfect Cup – everyone from your neighbor to one of the celebrities who live in the area. It’s a busy place because of its awesome coffee (and tea), its great breakfasts, and its good food for both breakfast and lunch. Today, I took my laptop and went to A Perfect Cup in the morning and did some writing. Not only is it The Perfect Cup, it is the perfect place for such activities.

Yesterday, I was out doing a bunch of stuff and did not have time to eat a proper lunch. I stopped by A Perfect Cup and they fixed a Chicken Salad Sandwich for me – to go. It was wonderful! No fast food for me when in Florida! It’s also the perfect place to go and write for awhile. A writer’s haven! A Perfect Cup is the Perfect Place. If you’d like to read more about it, take a look at its TripAdvisor site.

#18: Adventures in RV Travel: Island Cafe, Matlacha, FL


We have eaten at a lot of excellent restaurants on this RV trip. Matlacha, FL has some of the best around. The one we ate at tonight after our visit to Tropical Point was called  the Island Cafe. It has some of the best seafood I’ve eaten. But, what I want to show you is the decor. It is truly island decor as you can see from the pictures above. Hope you enjoy them. The Island Cafe is right on the water.

My Daydream Voyage


I take a voyage almost every day. Sometimes several times a day. I’ll drift off from my work or whatever else I’m doing and go somewhere I’ve been before…….or somewhere I’ve never been, but only in my mind. I recall my favorite places and people. Don’t we all do this? Some of my voyages are very private and I won’t recount them here. Others are not as private and I can share them with you. I will tell you a little about one of my favorite places to voyage…….

There is a small island off the coast of Florida. It is not one of those touristy, popular islands like Sanibel Island, for example, although it is near Sanibel. It is not as well-known or as well-traveled. It is a barrier island in the Gulf off the coast of Ft. Myers. At one end of the island is a wonderful Greek community. At the other end, there is a small town made up of island folks and people who live there largely in the winter. There is quite a population that lives there year round in between. Hurricanes seldom plague this part of Florida.

Because this island does not have a large population of tourists, you feel like one of the community when you’re there. I like that feeling when I travel. There is an art gallery, library, grocery, drug store, a couple of cool bars with the best grouper you’ve ever eaten, a great restaurant or two…really all you need. Most people get around on bicycles and there are wide sidewalks just for that purpose. I live on great seafood when I’m there. I’ve even considered moving there, but there is never any real estate for sale. The real estate isn’t as expensive as you might think but it just never goes up for sale. That probably says something about the desirability of living on the island.

I feel safe there. I can walk and bike around and never worry. I can walk my dog. The island has a large population of wood storks, a species a little different from the traditional stork we are all familiar with. They beg for hot dogs, which I do not feed them. Everyone smiles and laughs. It’s a happy place. Sometimes, when I drift off, I think of this island and what a happy place it is and I take a brief,mental voyage there. Suddenly, I’m happy too, just thinking of that jewel of an island sparkling in the Florida sunshine against the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. How I wish I could be there!  But, I’ve enjoyed the mental voyage I have just taken with you! #blogging #amwriting #writing