#23: Adventures in RV Travel – February 16, 2017


The End of the Road

Hello everyone! Tonight, I’m writing you from our home in Kentucky. It’s exciting that now we have two homes, one in Kentucky and one in South Florida! I do love both places. The pictures above are of each place — Kentucky on the left, then South Florida. Both beautiful places to live for very different reasons.

Our RV trip to South Florida, then to the Florida panhandle, couldn’t have been more wonderful! In South Florida, we got to have a wonderful, month’s long, vacation. But, even more important than that, we got to buy a small place of our own on an island that we’ve loved for almost ten years. We love the island, the people, the environment  there. It’s a true “Jimmy Buffett” lifestyle. I feel like I’m living in Margaritaville when I’m there!

Then we got to visit the Florida panhandle for the first time. The panhandle may have the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen this side of the Caribbean. Nothing can top the beaches of the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, but the Florida Panhandle comes close. Of course, our viist to the Panhandle was largely to see our friends, Marty and Phil, and we enjoyed that so much.

We did have one mechanical problem with the RV. For me, RV’s are like boats! It’s always something. Some small problem and there was one trip, one time (to New England in the RV) when there were several BIG mechanical problems. This time, for those of you who are RVer’s, it was the donut gaskets and my traveling companion replaced them within a couple of hours.

One WARNING to all of you RVer’s. Before you schedule a stay at a RV park, ask them if they allow you to make small on-site repairs if need be. The RV park at Carrabelle Beach on the Florida panhandle did not allow such small repairs. The RV park at Pine Island on the Florida peninsula did. It makes a world of difference if you have a problem. We had to find a parking lot as we left the panhandle and an owner who would let us stay for a while in order to make our repairs.

It was sort of a long, hard trip home. We spent a lot of time on two-lane roads, leaving the Panhandle and getting back to the Interstate where we needed to be. A good bit of that time was at night. There are very few services, these days, on two-lane roads since most services are found around the interstate highway system. We had to drive long distances to find places to stay. We were grateful when we had made our way to the interstate. Since we started our trip home late one night, we spent that night on the road and then another night, fairly close to home. We got home in the middle of the day today.

All of you RVer’s know what it’s like to unload an RV after a month long trip! It is not for the faint of heart! We have not nearly finished but we have stopped for the night. I’m going to have to get accustomed to the cold again before I can be out at night in what passes for a Kentucky winter this year. It’s 38 degrees here tonight.

I will look back on this RV trip as a huge highlight in my life! Part of the fun has been writing these blog posts almost every night for all of you. I’ve enjoyed knowing you experienced it with me. We will be traveling more and I will always include you in my travels!

#12: Adventures in RV – January 22, 2017



Trip to the Everglades

Above is an alligator in the Everglades. Big guy. We were high above him – thank goodness!

Maybe I should wait until later tonight to write this blog post. We are waiting on really serious storms here tonight. Another issue when you have a RV which I addressed in my earlier blog post #11. Unfortunately, I’m getting to use my own advice tonight! We have secured everything around the RV and I think the RV park is going to encourage us to go to the Clubhouse if things get bad here. I wonder if they are encouraging everyone to bring their dogs and cats! 🙂

Now, onward! We have now been at the RV Park four full days and it has flown by! Yesterday, we went to visit the Everglades which is one of my favorite side trips when I am in South Florida. It’s a pretty long side trip from where we are, but you can do it in a day. The Everglades seemed a little different to me than it did a few years ago. One of the biggest problems the Everglades has is the pythons. Pythons are not native to the U.S. People have taken their “pet” pythons and dumped them in the Everglades where they have eaten a lot of the native species. Imagine what that means. The Everglades is one of the most important wetlands in the world. The fact that people have a “pet” they never should have had in the first place – a PYTHON SNAKE – and then they get scared of it and think they have to get rid of it and dump it in the Everglades has almost ruined this wetland environment.

Python hunters are paid a bounty to kill pythons but pythons are notoriously hard to find and kill. Bounty hunters have made very little progress, but the pythons have made an incredible amount of progress. I did not see as much wildlife this year as a few years ago. What damage man has done to this planet. End of rant.

We did see a few native species. We always see the alligators. Here is a photo I really like, though alligators are not my favorite species!


We drove all the way from Pine Island to Everglades City, which is actually the last stop before reaching the tip of Florida. There is not much beyond Everglades City except….well….the Everglades!


I don’t know what kind of bird this is. If anyone knows, please put it in the comments. Thanks.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I’ll share more another time. More from “Adventures” tomorrow! I’ll finish our Everglades trip!


#2: Adventures in RV Travel


Getting Ready for the Trip

January 10, 2016: It’s hard getting ready for a RV trip when you live in a state that has winter and the high temperatures have recently been in the 20s! Today, we caught a break. The temperatures hit 50 degrees and, except for about one day, they are supposed to be 50ish until we leave. Whew! Makes it easier.

Some days, I find myself turning round and round in a circle, not knowing what to do first. That’s been today. So, I decided to make lists. A grocery list to stock the RV refrigerator and pantry. A list of errands I have to run before I leave here in my town. A list of appointments I have before I leave. Lists of sundries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, and ALL my computer stuff. The computer stuff is a lot of stuff.

Let’s see. Computer supplies. The big thing to remember regarding the computers is to take all the various charging devices, USB cords for both Apple and Windows-based computers, flash drives for both operating systems, the cigarette-charging based chargers, etc. You see, you can charge everything in the cigarette lighters (but not the Apple computers) and in something called an inverter. Don’t ask me what an inverter is. It allows you to use electricity much like you would in a house….that’s about all I know. As it is, there aren’t nearly as many charging outlets as I have things I have to charge (can’t forget the cell phones!). So, I suppose something or several somethings will be charging all the time while we are gone. Should be confusing.

Since I can’t buy doubles of much of this stuff without bankrupting myself – from clothes to computer stuff – it has to all be packed at the last minute. AACCKK!

While I did all of this, my traveling companion worked on the water line that goes from the RV to the water line in RV parks so we can have city water while we’re gone. It’s always something.

So that’s been today! It isn’t over yet. Tomorrow is garbage day here. I cleaned out the two freezers we have – cleaned them out until they are totally empty except what we will use in the next few days. There could be a power outage here. There often is in the winter. I don’t want a mess when I get home! Like I said, it’s always something when getting ready for a RV trip!

More from “Adventures” tomorrow!