Three Things Thursday


Three Things Thursday is just a fun little exercise about things we have been grateful  for during the past week. Here goes!


Going to the pier in Bokeelia, Florida for the last time until fall! I love the ocean and this pier is awesome. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to go to this pier, visit with the wonderful people there, see the fish and birds, and photograph the sunrises and sunsets.



Learning about the tropical birds of South Florida. I won’t see these guys again until fall. This is an egret sitting on the banks of the lake behind our place.


An Egret at the edge of the lake at our house


Getting back home to Kentucky after being gone for awhile to our island in the sun in Florida. This is a bur oak tree that used to be in our back yard.


Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday, sponsored by NerdintheBrain , is a little challenge where we post three things that are making us smile this week. So here goes:



This is a picture of Dolphins in Pine Island Sound, where we will be living six months out of the year. We’re preparing to move there and it is really hard work, but it will be so worth it! I can’t wait to live there, at least part-time! It makes me happy to think about it!



Friends. Good friends make me happy! I feel so fortunate to have good friends! I have good friends that I can rely on and they can rely on me. I’m a lucky girl!


Novel Reading Pages Table Book Wood

I’m writing a novel and it’s really going very well! I’m about 25,000 words in and almost ready to write a big scene to end the first third of the novel. It’s getting complicated and exciting. My novel is a psychological thriller. It makes me happy that it’s going so well!