The Red Lantern


The Red Lantern

It had been a wonderful trip, but she had finally arrived in her favorite city of Amsterdam. The last stop. Not only was she looking forward to seeing the city again but to meeting someone very special. But first, there was the Amsterdam rijsttafel to take in. The Indonesian rice table. Her favorite food in the world located in the red light district.

She was too nervous to really indulge. She left dinner early and started to walk toward the bar with the red lantern where she was to meet him. There was the lantern! She stepped to the door. When she saw him, her nervousness drained away and she started to smile. It had been 15 years. He turned and saw her as he raised his martini glass to his lips and stopped halfway. #flashfictionforaspiringwriterschallenge

*Photo courtesy of TJ Paris


Rosemary Carlson

Business Consultant and Freelance Writer

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