Breckinridge and the Reunion


imageTim and Skip looked at the picture fondly. They remembered the days of soccer at Breckinridge. After finding it, they were discussing a reunion of the soccer boys who were in their class.

“That’s Kenny and Scott,” Skip said. “Here is Clif and Reggie,” Tim added, “and Jerry and Peter.” The other two were them. “I think we can get all of us together,” Tim remarked. Of course, Scott would not be there. He had passed away a number of years ago. They divided up the names and agreed to make phone calls.

Breckinridge had closed many years ago and was now a university building. After they all connected, they agreed to meet at a local restaurant for dinner, drinks, and a lot of reminiscing.

The reunion was a great success. Everyone had gone their separate ways but coming back together, except for the missing one, helped keep them grounded and gave them strength.


*Photo courtesy of Yinglan

*FFfaw sponsored by Priceless Joy


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