I Write Because……..

People often ask me why I write. Writer friends tell me that is a common question they also get. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I can tell you why I write. Perhaps not all the reasons but some that may make sense to at least a few of my readers.

I write because I’m always writing in my head. All that writing has to go somewhere so it comes out through my fingers on these blog pages, on pages of short stories, on pages of potential novels, onto articles I plan to sell. Why do I write in my head? That I can’t answer. I just know I’ve done that since I was a small child. I would look at an object and write about it in my head. I would watch a scenario play out and do the same. I would dream up short stories and longer stories. Sometimes, as a young person, I would write these musings down. Sometimes not.

I write because it is a creative outlet. I chose an analytical profession. Since my profession involved largely a “left-brain” approach to my work, I suppose my right brain now needs to exercised. I wrote as a college professor but because my field was analytical, so was my writing. It was also the academic style of writing which is very terse and controlled. It doesn’t really qualify, in my opinion, as creative writing. Now that I have retired from my college professorship, I have the freedom and time to do some things I enjoy with the creative side of what’s left of my brain. I’m not a painter, a sculptor, or any other kind of artist. I am a musician — a classical pianist. Beyond this, I am a writer and trying to develop my creative writing abilities as opposed to my academic writing abilities.

I write because it is both an emotional and mental release. Most of what I write never sees the light of day. Some of it does. Some of my writing is a mental exercise involving non-fiction topics I find interesting and that I think my readers will enjoy. I also am enjoying writing some fiction, though that is a new exercise for me. Other writing I do is an emotional exercise. Often to exorcise demons.

Last, but certainly not least, I write to supplement my income. I have been a professional writer since 2000. I write articles, largely in my field of finance and business, for a number of business publications, both offline and online. I am currently expanding my reach and writing about other topics. I market and sell many of the articles I write. This blog serves as a wonderful practice forum.

I write because I love to write. #writing #everydayinspiration

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