#weekendcoffeeshare 10/15/2016


My friend, Jenn, is back from vacation and she is coming for coffee this Saturday morning. Since we are having coffee, I’d like to invite all of you to join us! It’s still warm in my part of the world (global warming) so we’ll have our coffee and tea on the deck. I see Jenn pulling in the driveway right now. Let’s all go out on the deck. I have all kinds of coffee and tea, including decaf, for you to choose from. I even have a new green tea some of you might enjoy.

“Hello, Jenn! It’s so good to see you. Help me carry out these trays! I hope you had a great vacation!”

“Hello,” Jenn says. “Yes, we saw Greece and Turkey. It was an awesome trip. Very romantic for my husband and I. When I have my pictures, I will tell you all about it. What’s been up with you?”

“It’s been a good week, Jenn. I’ll tell you about it.”

It’s always a good week when you get to spend time with friends. I was able to have lunch with a friend at a good restaurant in Lexington one day this week. They had the best food and it’s always so nice to see Pam. After lunch, Pam had things to do and I had shopping to do. I visited a couple of my favorite stores. I have to replace winter clothes and made a trip to the mall and some other spots. Even shopped for some girly stuff like makeup, perfume. I hadn’t done that in a long time since I usually shop online. Betsy, my little dog, was being groomed by my friend, Anne, while I shopped and she looks beautiful now.

The next day, Pam, Janet, and I went to Keeneland which is always so much fun. I wrote a  blog post about that so I won’t repeat it all here. I could go to Keeneland every day and enjoy it!

The rest of the week, I have been getting ready to take a little trip this coming week. Just a short trip but I really need it! I’m going to Virginia Beach for a few days and will be leaving on Monday. I’ve been to a lot of the beaches up and down the East Coast of the US but I’ve never been to Virginia Beach. So, a friend and I decided, just on the spur of the moment, to take a few days off from life and drive to Virginia Beach while it is still warm.

I think we’re mostly going just to get away, walk on the beach, and sit and look at the waves and the horizon. We’ll probably do a little sightseeing but we haven’t decided exactly what we’ll see yet. We’ll just do serendipity and go and do whatever pleases us at the moment. We were lucky because we were able to get an oceanfront hotel room!

I have been amazed because we heard so much about how Hurricane Matthew damaged Florida and the Carolinas but we heard nothing about how Hurricane Nicole, which almost wiped out Bermuda, impacted Virginia! I’ve heard no news coverage of that at all. The concierge at our hotel told me that they had water in some of the guest rooms, a lot of wind, beach erosion, and even a road closed. The hurricane was hundreds of miles off the coast. Lucky for us, the hotel has been able to get everything repaired so we can go on with our visit. We’ll be back at the end of the week. I’m really looking forward to the trip!

I’m making excellent progress on getting my sunroom converted to a writing room. After I return from Virginia Beach, it will only take another week to get it ready to go, if that. We’re working on the heat and air conditioning. I have the furniture, some of the art work, some tapestries for an extra dose of warmth, and I’m still on the fence about window coverings. I want the windows as open as possible but I also need to be able to cover them when necessary with something insulating. If anyone out there has a suggestion, please send it along!

I’m really excited because I plan to spend the remainder of 2016 writing my book in my writing room. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year and off to the publisher.

I don’t usually do much for the holidays, so while everyone else is doing the holiday thing, I’m going to just write. The holidays have been a down time of year for me for years since I lost my parents at Christmas and don’t have much family left. Writing will bring me comfort this year. I usually just sort of suffer through it and pretend I’m in the holiday spirit even though I’m usually not. I’ve also had some other problems this year and I’m trying to deal with those. Problems make the holidays difficult so I’m hoping to avoid that.

That’s about all that’s been going on this week except I think everyone is worried about this crazy Presidential campaign that we have going on and what the outcome will be. The second debate was disturbing. Who knows about the third debate?

Maybe, Jenn, next weekend, we can share vacation pictures and I’ll tell you about Virginia Beach! I’ll hope to see you next Saturday, along with all my friends who read this blog! Have a great week, everyone! #amwriting #amblogging #writing #VirginiaBeach #Keeneland #travel

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  1. Thanks for the coffee and including me on your catch up with a friend! I will have to check out Keeneland. I know what you mean about the holidays. Writing sounds like a great way to spend it!

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  2. Did you change your theme? It looks different around here. Anyway, have a great time at Virginia Beach! Good luck with carving out your writing space. It sounds very nice.


    1. I didn’t change the theme. I just changed the background color to white and the font color to black to make it more readable, especially for older folks. Would love to hear your opinion? Thanks for the good wishes!

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  3. The racetrack is really lovely, and such a treat for your group to have that in your backyard. I went to Virginia Beach as a child for vacation, when I lived in Pittsburgh. I have very fond memories of the place. I think you will have a great time doing exactly what you want on a beautiful beach. Bon Voyage.

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  4. Have good time at Virginia Beach. The news media is selective in what they print or show. There was a major storm that in the Pacific Northwest storm this week. Nothing much on the news aboutvit. I remember the Columbus Day storm and find it hard to believe it has been 50 years since it happen. I’m tired of the election news, yet can’t stay away from it. Strange there is very little political signs around the area.
    Have a safe and fun trip.


    1. Betty….I’m not watching the election news, but did watch that horrible debate. I have seen almost no political signs here. Strange, isn’t it? No bumper stickers either. Thanks for the good wishes!

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      1. I haven’t watch a debate in years and won’t watch the last. My comment wasn’t really about the political climate but what happens to women when a man decides he wants them regardless of their feelings. The story brought back so many memories, it doesn’t have to be groping or rape to be an harassment. Here some guy wants to lead the world when he doesn’t even respect women. Horrible!


  5. Rosemary, I wish you a fabulous holiday at Virginia Beach. I live right at the beach and yet I need to get there more. Thanks for the prompt!
    I’m not watching the news much these days so I hope the hurricanes have cleared up.
    BTW it seems to me that the media is probably too caught up chasing the election storm to keep up with the weather at the moment.
    Thanks for the coffee but I think I need something stronger this morning!
    xx Rowena


  6. I hope you had (are having?) a great time at Virginia beach. A beach is always one of the best places to be. All worries seem to wash away with the waves.

    Your writing room sounds wonderful. Hope you’ll post pictures when it’s done.


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