The Chess Master


The boy ran toward the old man. The mother tried to stop him but couldn’t.

He flopped down in the chair across from the man. “You’re nothing but an old man. I can beat you at chess any day,” the boy sneered.

“Nelson!” cried his mother. “Apologize right now.” Nelson didn’t apologize. He just started playing chess.

The old man shrugged his shoulders and in just a couple of minutes, the game seemed to be over. Nelson had cleared the board.

The old man saw something Nelson didn’t. He started to grab the chess pieces, his hand hovering over them, but quickly drew it back. He had decided to give the boy the game. He seemed to need it badly.

“Checkmate, you stupid old man,” Nelson said.

The old man reconsidered his decision. He picked up the chess pieces and dropped them on the boy’s side of the board.

“Learn to respect your elders, son.” #amwriting #amblogging #writing #FFfAW


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Thanks, Priceless Joy!



  1. I like the moral embedded in your story, PJ. Respecting our elders is something we always had instilled into us as children. I know sometimes it’s the elder who is rude and hurtful, which would make a difference to how the child would react. But in your story, the old man does nothing to provoke Nelson, who is disrespectful and totally rude! I’m glad the boy didn’t win in the end.

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      1. I think (and hope) that many children still are taught to respect their elders today, though I’m sure there are others that aren’t. But your story made a good point of highlighting the importance of it, and I very much enjoyed it.


  2. the old man had patience, and the mother seems to have no control over this child, good story that shows how kids are these days, totally disrespectful to older people, like the ending, well written out.

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