We Can’t Stop Diversity

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The dictionary defines diversity as the state of being different between two individual entities when and only when they are not identical. Diversity came to America with the Pilgrims. When they stepped on American soil, the population became diverse because, up to that time, the primary population was the Native Americans.

Diversity in the United States is not a new concept. We hear this often, but the population of the United States is composed of individuals so diverse that it is called a melting pot. Diversity has been encouraged in America and made possible by our immigration policy.

Diversity within countries across the world may have taken a different path, but the result is the same. Any country that looks attractive to outsiders looking in is going to draw a diverse population. Who doesn’t want to improve their lot in life?  In Iraq, for example, there are three diverse population groups. They have spent centuries fighting each other. It has stunted Iraq’s growth.

In America, our population is becoming more diverse. We now have a large Hispanic policy and many feel like those people are taking their jobs. If Americans would apply for and win their jobs, then do their jobs and work hard, they would have no fear of Hispanics taking their jobs. Instead of fixing what is wrong with our immigration policy and enforcing the immigration policy already on the books, the talk is of building a wall to keep Hispanics out. Do we really think a wall can stop increasing diversity in a country where so many want to live?

Diversity in religion often is what starts war. We can see that if we look all the way back to the Crusades. Look at the Middle East. The conflict there is all about religion. Oh, some say it’s about land. But if their religions had not been at war for hundreds of years, I think the property issue would have been resolved long ago.

Diversity in religion or skin color often leads to the persecution of the minority B groups in a population.

We began to focus more on diversity after the 9/11/2001 terror attack in New York City. We blamed an entire sector of our population, even though their numbers were reasonably small. When you think about it in that way, it makes very little sense.

Diversity is not the problem in America. Every single one of us is an immigrant from somewhere or have ancestors who were immigrants. There are bad, evil people in every religion and in every country. America has more than its share across all diversity boundaries. But, we blame Muslims for every single thing that happens in America.

We can’t round up illegal Hispanics and send them back to Mexico. We can’t put every Muslim in America in interment camps. That’s not who America is. That reeks of Fascism. We have to find another way to deal with the problems. If we let ourselves deal with diversity in this way, the shining city on the hill will be no more and the place we call America will be like every third world country on the planet. #amwriting #amblogging #writing #diversity


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  1. Thanks for this closer look at the meaning of diversity. Each culture that immigrated to America, did so because their home culture was oppressive or couldn’t support their own numbers. Or were brought here as slave labor. And each culture: Irish, Italian, Oriental, etc.,was, at first, the victim of prejudice and bigotry. Those things are caused by fear: fear of the Other, who might take jobs, and are so different from what is known and comfortable. And each of those discomforts eased over time, because the richness of their language, cuisine, work ethics, etc., was absorbed and utilized to make the whole of our culture richer and deeper. That is the reality of the melting pot. Any good cook knows that vegetable stew takes time to become stew, time to simmer, so that its separate contents may integrate into a healthy and nurturing reality. Sorry, your words brought back some of the deeper lessons from college history classes.



    1. My grandparents immigrated for a much simpler reason. They immigrated from Sweden in the late 1800s. Let me draw this comparison. There were no jobs in Sweden at that time. Even though their parents were farmers, they were afraid that food was going to get scarce. The job situation kind of parallels what is happening in the U.S. today. They came here for a better life. Sometimes things are very simple. I loved your post. I wonder where we will go for a better life?


      1. That must be a choice made by each individual. I would hope that we each get quiet, take a deep breath and choose to stay here, demanding, and then making a better life for ourselves and those around us, in a country that has always stood for just such a reality. We need to speak and listen.



  2. I agree with you. However, this country has always been somewhat ambivalent about diversity. Remember, when the Constitution was written, only white males could vote. People got here from Africa mostly as slaves. Native Americans were removed from their land. Women didn’t get the right to vote until 1920. At the same time, immigrants were encouraged to move here to help settle the country. Yes, each wave of immigrants was greeted with mistrust and fear that they would take away jobs. It became less and less “politically correct” to express prejudice against people with differing backgrounds, but I think a lot of the ill feelings just went underground. Trump was able to profit from that deposit of negative feelings in the last election.

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