She Ran Calling Wildfire


It was early morning when I went to the barn to saddle him. It had been a year since the barn fire. We had pulled him out of that fire but he had lost his left eye. It took almost a year before I could get on his back again. His body was healed, that big, dark body, but I didn’t think his mind would ever be. Other horses always had to be on his right, else he was scared.

We went for a ride with Robert along the beach. Wildfire loved the beach. For the first time since the fire, he stretched his neck out and ran like the wind coming in off the ocean. The ocean was healing his soul….and mine.

124 words

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*This post part of the #FFfAW Challenge – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo Credit to Iain Kelly


  1. Wonderful story. It’s great that he had healed enough to enjoy a good run again without being fearful. Animals experience so many tragic things just like humans and they are unable to communicate their fears the way we do. I think it takes extra patience when dealing with animals. There are things they just do not understand.


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