Life With a Warning Label



Have you ever noticed that everything you do and every aspect of your life seems to have some sort of warning attached to it? There seems to be something hazardous about everything we do and someone seems inclined to warn us about it.

Warning! Wear Your Seat Belt Under Penalty of Fines

That’s one of the first ones I can remember that actually made me mad. Of course, I wear my seat belt but never without feeling a little bit rebellious.

There are more good warnings, I think, than bad ones. For example, we all value weather warnings. There is some sort of extreme weather just about anywhere you live. So we need tornado, hurricane, earthquake, cyclone, severe storm, flood, and more weather warnings.

Medication is another good warning. We don’t want to take medicine that might interact with other medicine.

There are workplace warnings. Warnings if you take too much sick leave or are late getting to work. There are performance warnings and other conduct warnings.

There are warning lights and symbols all over the dashboard of your car. I don’t even pretend to know what most of them mean.

There are so many other warnings systems that I can’t begin to name them all.

Which warnings or groups of warnings either aggravate you or are warnings that you think are good things?  Mention them in the comments! #blogging #JusJotJan3/17



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