SoCS – Jan 8/17


There are only a couple of things on my mind today for this stream of consciousness post. I had such a good time on Thursday and Friday of this week Guest Hosting for Linda’s JustJotJanuary17 Challenge. I had a blast getting to know a bunch of new bloggers that took part in the Challenge and reading their posts. The Challenge is to blog every day – blog something, anything. You can join at any time so if you aren’t currently participating in the Challenge, jump on over there and start taking part now. It’s a lot of fun! To any of my new blogger friends, thanks for reading my blog and I will so enjoy getting to know you!

It’s a busy week here on my mountain. I am working on my house. Considering I avoid working on my house because I’d rather be writing, this is quite an event! I have a television/reading room in a third bedroom. It also houses a filing cabinet, small desk, shredder, and computer. It seems like there is a computer everywhere I look in my house! It used to serve as my primary office. I am FILING which is my most hated chore. The one thing nice about working in this room is that I have the most beautiful art in there and pictures that are important to me. But FILING? I’m also shredding, which is just as bad.

We have snow. I hate it so much I refuse to say anything more about it! Except that it is SO COLD that a heavy coat is necessary. I want to move. We are, in fact, considering it!

That is my Stream of Consciousness Jot for today! Have a great weekend!



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2 comments on “SoCS – Jan 8/17
  1. rugby843 says:

    Shred more, file less😉

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