The beginning of the blizzard in the Lake Tahoe area.

I’m going to write a short snow blog series. After all, it is winter in most of the U.S. and the Northern Hemisphere. Even though snow is not my thing, lots of folks live in snow country and find activities that they love to participate in. I’ll have to admit that I love the Winter Olympics. I’m just glad I, personally, aren’t out in the snow!

I’m lucky enough to have a direct line to the High Sierra region of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. They are having a blizzard. That’s very fortunate for California as it will help with their drought conditions. However, the people who live in the High Sierras have to be prepared.

My cousin and her husband live near Lake Tahoe and they are being inundated with snow. She is sending me beautiful snow pictures that I want to share with you although she has to stay in until it’s safe to go out. The snow is like a sculpture. Smooth in spots. Very uneven in other spots. Beautiful to look at.

Watch this space for my Snow Series! We’ll follow the western blizzard near Lake Tahoe and go some other places as well!

The picture at the top of this post is some of the initial snow they got near Lake Tahoe.  This is my cousin’s deck. The Sierra’s are under a blizzard warning today, January 10, 2017.

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