#3: Adventures in RV Travel


More Getting Ready and Why it’s the Middle of the Night

January 11, 2017: Whew! Today has been errand day for me. Today has been a day of working on the interior of the RV and finishing up some exterior things on the RV for my traveling companion. He had some fittings to grease underneath and installed our TV inside. We use the TV very little, mostly for news and weather, but on the occasional bad weather day, it’s nice to have. Since we are both basketball fans, we like to catch basketball games of our favorite college team. He also started putting away his tools inside in preparation for loading the RV. I think he only has a couple of very small jobs left to do on the outside of the RV. Yay!

We take the TV in and out of the RV. We use it in the house when we aren’t using the RV so it is a little bit of a job to put it back in and set it up. Most RV campgrounds where we stay have cable TV that we hook up to. All the comforts of home! Well, almost.

I have spent the day, the entire day, running errands necessary before we leave on our trip. The things you have to do are legion. You have to deal with your finances. You make sure any and all bills are being paid automatically. I use automatic bill pay. If you are going to be staying in one place long enough, you can have your mail forwarded, but it takes 2-3 weeks to make that happen. If you don’t have that kind of time in one spot, save yourself some worry (and save your credit score!) and just have everything automatically debited. Make sure you’re enrolled in online banking so you can monitor your bank statement.

You have to notify any credit cards that you’re going to use when you’re away that you are going to be traveling. Otherwise, the credit card company will think your card has been stolen and someone is using it out of state. That means they will decline it and cause you embarrassment and inconvenience. Just some tips if you’re traveling that are applicable even if you’re traveling by car.

If you take any medications, get your refills. If your insurance company is like mine, you probably can’t get much extra and you have to get refills wherever you are when you run out. A Giant Pain. At least, try to get your doctor to write your prescriptions for a three-month supply. Some pharmacies will give you what they call “vacation refills” once per year. Since I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, I have to be sure I have enough insulin as I am very careful about controlling my diabetes. I had a bit of a run-in (an understatement) with my doctor today over this, but after calling in reinforcements, we came to an understanding and, I hope, I have all the insulin I need! I live on salads, which reduces my need for insulin, but that is a bit more difficult to do when traveling.

While I was out running errands, I had miscellaneous things to do. Pick up food for the cat, treats for the dog, a new purse (or three) for me, a few shirts, a little gift for a friend I will see along the way, and the list goes on.

Now I am home and I wish I could go to bed! I promised I would tell you why it is the middle of the night, but if you have read the above paragraphs, you already know. It’s been a busy day and I have another busy day tomorrow.

More from here and “Adventures” after the day ends tomorrow…..another busy day. Right now, I wish we were packed and already on the road!

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