“My God, Nathan, let’s stay out of that old house,” Karen said.

Nathan and Karen were college students doing a field study on water pollution in the Everglades in South Florida. They had spent most of the morning taking water samples from the swamp. South of Everglades City, they had happened on an old, deserted house.

Nathan went into the house, wanting to explore. Karen followed.

Nathan reached to grab the banister and Karen screamed no. On the post, there was an otherworldly green lizard-like creature.

“Polluted water isn’t all there is here,” he thought, jumping away.


Photo credit by Shaktiki Sharma

9 thoughts on “Morphed

  1. Pollution is certainly changing the world, and not in a good way. I’m afraid to learn what else these two will find out, and how friendly the creatures might be.

  2. They should study the creature for an extra credit assignment. They could make a name for themselves discovering a new species.

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