The Great Escape


“What is it, Mama?” the boy asked as they walked down the sidewalk with the great wheel looming in front of them.

“We don’t know, son. Some say it’s our Great Escape to another world since we can’t drink our water here anymore. More people are sick from poisoning from pollution.”

The citizens were gathering around the wheel, which seemed to be slightly vibrating. Some were afraid. Most seemed relieved. They had received leaflets dropped from the sky.

“But where are we going?” the boy asked.

His mother told him she didn’t know. She hoped to a safe, clean place.


Photo credit to Jennifer Pendergast

Rosemary Carlson

Business Consultant and Freelance Writer

16 thoughts on “The Great Escape

    • Carl, in case you don’t get my other note….I have a lot of relatives in the Marquette, Michigan USA area named Bystrom. I don’t suppose you are from that area…..or from an area in Sweden around Finspong?

  1. Poison or not it sounds risky to leave. Who ever controls the wheel should help clean up the poison, don’t leave, it may be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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