Bank Heist


We hid under the branches of the old, twisted tree. Crouching so they couldn’t see us. We didn’t think they were chasing us with dogs because we couldn’t hear them bay. If they were, we were already lost. David and I, we had just robbed First Farmer’s Bank at the point of a gun. Armed bank robbery.

We got the money too. We hadn’t had time to count it. We’d been off escaping on foot. By the looks of the bills, we had quite a haul. Everyone had said that if you rob a bank, something would explode and get red stuff all over you. Nothing had exploded. We could just hear those sheriff’s men crashing through the forest after us. We crept along the high ridge.

“Cut,” the Director cried!

“And print. Great job, everyone! We’re done for the day.”


#Photo credit to yarnspinner


  1. Good tale! The only point that snags me is “the point of a gun.” Sounds foreign, like ESL. We’d say, “at gunpoint.”
    Depending on the era, the bank probably threw a micro transmitter into the sack. 🙂

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      1. Now that’s interesting! I never thought there would be that difference.
        As far as that goes, if you say they robbed the bank at gunpoint, you probably don’t need the next sentence as a reiteration of the fact.

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