Travel Florida: The End of My Stay


Time to secure our lodgings and go home to Kentucky for the summer, although I always hate to leave Pine Island. I will have to admit I can see why some people leave by April 30. It’s pretty hot here now, 92 degrees; very humid, and they’ve started using a helicopter to spray for mosquitoes right over my head. It’s even getting hard for the A/C that cools our domicile to carry the load. When that happens, you know it’s hot! So we are trying to get ready to leave which may happen Friday; if not, then Saturday.

Tonight, I went down to the pier to see the beautiful ocean once more before I leave it for a few months, but I’ll be back to our island in the sun this coming winter. I also wanted to see our new friends, Billy and Otto. It was important to me to say goodbye to them before departing for the “north.” As you go through the world, you never know where you are going to make friends. A fishing pier, I suppose, for a girl like me is an odd place. I went out on the pier to take pictures of the sunset. I came back with pictures of the sunsets, the nightbirds, and new friends. A pretty good deal! I look so forward to seeing them both when the “season” starts in the fall of this year.

I was going to stay in South Florida for another month, but I got sick. Then my traveling companion got sick. We decided, on the advice of doctors, that we needed to see our doctors at home. We may be reacting to allergens we aren’t used to. We also have some personal business to take care of. So we won’t spend the month of May here. I think the month of May is going to be really hot and that we would have to find some supplemental air conditioning solutions if we were to stay. Our visits will probably be November – April until and unless we buy a house here on Pine Island.

I know that I will never forget this past winter and spring on Pine Island. It has been a magical time for me. I’ve discovered more about the island than ever before. We have a tiny place to live. We’re starting to make friends here. Pine Island is starting to become ours – our community. I so look forward to coming back.

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