Upward Mobility


“Another stack of manuscripts,” Jenny thought to herself as she started opening envelopes.

As an editor, Jenny read and edited dozens of manuscripts each year. Debut novels mostly. Few would make it. Publishing was changing. She had always wanted to write herself, but her finances had never allowed it.

She started reading a manuscript that was an environmental thriller on climate change. This was the kind of thing she wanted to write. She knew how to do it for mobile applications.

“Why not!” she thought. She threw the jar of used staples across the room and walked out the door.


Photo credit @ Claire Sheldon


  1. Given how topical the issue of climate change is just now, I wonder how many thrillers have been and are being written to capitalize on its? Sorry. First thing I thought of.

    That said, sooner or later we either follow our dreams or lose them.


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