#weeklysmile 80

Trent’s World, one of the blog’s I follow, runs a weekly challenge called the #weeklysmile which is……well…….just what it says! The participants talk about the moments during the week that make them smile. I could use a dose of that so here goes my first contribution. Here is my first #weeklysmile:

IMG_0718Her name is Hanna (pronounced Hannah) and she is four months old! She is definitely worth the #weeklysmile as she is one of the funniest dogs I’ve ever owned! Since I recently lost my dog, Hanna has been a dose of good cheer. She is a mixed breed but not very mixed. She is half Havanese and half Lowchen. She walks around on her back legs, seems miraculously housetrained, and is already living freely in the house. Hanna is smart! She can’t yet climb steps, which seems to be her only deficiency. She seems able to come down them, but she mostly falls down them.

Hanna is terrified of crates and I’ve always crate-trained my dogs, so I have no idea where she is going to sleep tonight. I fear it is in my bed and I only hope she really is housetrained. She is twelve pounds, will grow to about eighteen pounds, and I fear she is planning world domination.

I hope all of you have great weekly smiles as well.


  1. And very cute she is! And she looks happy. I read an article by a vet once that explained why our dogs like to sleep with us. I don’t know if he’s correct or not, but what he said makes sense. He said that desire to sleep with his master comes from the original character trait in the species that is passed down from when the wolf/dog species was mostly wild. Once a particular wolf/dog proves himself and is recognized as the leader of the pack, the other dogs want to sleep right next to that leader. He says it’s a built in trait, and our dogs recognize us as the “leader” of our pack and so want to be with us all the time, especially through the night. I thought it was interesting. So if Hannah does hop up onto your bed tonight, just bask in the fact that your are now thoroughly established as the “leader” of your pack.

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  2. Hanna is very cute! Once sleeping on the bed, always sleeping on the bed 😉 I have two large dogs that want to sleep right on top of me every night. Thanks for joining in this week.

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