On Her Own


“Charles, I hate for Adelaine to be stuck in that boarding house.”

“She needs to test her wings, Esther. That’s how young women do it in this day and time. They get a room and a job.”

“But that secretarial position, darling. It seems so demeaning for our daughter,” Esther said.

“Now, now, Esther. Adelaine thinks she can live on her own. Let her try.”

“She needs to be meeting respectable young men in our home.”

Adelaine already had a respectable young man very much in love with her who called on her nightly at the boarding house.

Historical Fiction

98 words


  1. Ha! Thank goodness mother doesn’t know about that – they’d kidnap her, bring her home and never let her out again! Nicely done, Rosemary, with a perfect tone for the era


  2. In any era, it’s hard for a doting parent to recognize that the rules are not the same for the next generation as they were when they were that age. I hope Esther can come to terms with her daughter’s independence and – gasp – love life!


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