Cheep! Cheep! Jaqi’s eyes flew open. It was the smoke alarm. The battery was dying and she was trying to sleep.

Her husband had sent her to the beach days ahead of him. She couldn’t reach the smoke alarm. She laid there and tried to ignore it. Cheep!

Jaqi heard another noise. She got up and grabbed her purse. Her Smith and Wesson pistol was in it. As she stepped out on the balcony to listen, they grabbed her from behind.

When her husband arrived three days later, all he found were her old beach sneakers beside the bed.


  1. Was the fire alarm trying to warn her? I wonder if she was an innocent victim or had done something in her past that led to them snatching her. Dramatic stuff.


  2. Ohhh, that’s just mean. Lured out by the alarm… I half expected her to take it out with her nug!


  3. Loved the first line it was such a familiar scene. You certainly left us wanting more. Well done.


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