The Ruins


Wearing a special HazMat suit developed in early 2018, Jennifer was one of the environmental scientists who was outdoors in the Fall of 2028 taking soil and air samples. Her team was working in the Washington, DC/New York City/Boston corridor.

After a North Korean missile had struck Japan, the U.S. had bombed North Korea. They got off a missile toward South Korea. Using several nuclear-tipped ICBMs, Beijimg had fired on the east coast of the U.S. and the U.S. had destroyed the capital of China. What was left of the U.S. government had been moved to Columbus, Ohio.

Radiation poisoning spread over the eastern portion of the U.S. Many teams like Jennifer’s were deployed over the entire region. People were surviving, but few survived along the northeast corridor. They had determined that it would be years before the food would be safe to grow. Water was being purified.

Jennifer went inside the in-ground shelter to make her report. No real change from the last time. She recommended importing as much food as possible and relying on the western U.S. for the rest. She laid her head on her desk and cried.

Sunday Photo Fiction


  1. I would cry also if this occours. The sad thing is that the wealthiest in society feel safe, because they can move away.


  2. A part of this reminds me of what the people in US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and feeling now. While they have air to breath, there is little else. Nature is such a destructive force in itself I don’t know why we need to help matters along. Good story


  3. Let us pray every minute of everyday that this will indeed remain fiction. “Columbus, Ohio”? My dear, if that’s our capital, we’ll never survive. Lived there for a decade, hated every last day of it. The only redeeming qualities were COSI & Franklin Conservatory…without them, I would have died completely.


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