The Palace at Versailles


It was one of their many times in Paris. Their hotel room was small, but intimate. They had spent time together in Portugal and were on their way home to the States. He had business in Versailles and they made an adventure out of it in their favorite city of Paris. No one knew them there. They spent most of their time in their room, feasting on wine and food from the grocery down the street, and each other.

He had business at the Palace in Versailles and she went along in order to experience it. They passed the fields of lavender and all the other flowers in bloom that were used to make French perfume. She walked the grounds of the Palace while she waited on him. They couldn’t get back to their room in Paris fast enough.

But that was a million years ago.


  1. I probably haven’t had enough coffee yet, but I’m lost. The last sentence threw me for a loop. Did you mean “a million years ago” literally? Color me confused (or maybe just dense).


    1. The story was a memory she had and she felt like the event happened a million years ago.


      1. Well, you mentioned their hotel room three times in 150 words, which suggested to me that physical intimacy was very much the core of their relationship. Or do I just have a carnal imagination!?


      2. People have to have a place to stay in a strange city! They were very much in love, but in all ways.


      3. What I had hoped to convey was a bit of tragedy…that this was her memory of a lost relationship from the past, but that was very rich while it lasted and she missed it terribly. Never dreamed it would be so controversial but I guess that is good! 🙂


  2. ahhhh – I agree with alicia – I felt a peaceful memory – peaceful and alive
    and love the extra details “everything french” – but not overdone – the lavender fields especially pulled me in


  3. I wasn’t sure if this was the memory of a lovers’ clandestine liaison or a couple who led separate lives so in love with each other. Either way, the prose had a peaceful feel, a happy tone which was comforting.


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