Passionate – #JusJoJan


She couldn’t remember the last time she felt passionate about him. She was capable of such passion about so many things. Sex and love in her marriage used to be two of them. Her husband only cared about sex in their marriage and when she was ill and sex was not possible for a time, he became resentful. Without sex, he withheld love. Without love, the desire for sex with him died within her. She knew they were at a stalemate.

The longer the stalemate went on, the more resentful about sex he became and the more embittered about love she became.

Resentfulness turned into aggression and combativeness on his part. He became deceitful. Without love, she became contrary and morose. Feeling passionate toward him didn’t seem  possible any longer. They were estranged while living in the same house. He wouldn’t talk to her, wouldn’t communicate about their situation.

She tried to do things that would make him happy. It was late in life to divorce, but she couldn’t see how they could stay together. It was so uncomfortable. It took a shocking turn of events for her to remember the mental illness that plagued his family and the symptoms that he was exhibiting.

She was afraid and she ran.


This story is part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan 18 challenge.


      1. Sometimes there are elements to what you read that ring so true to life… I was just talking about hereditary effects of mental illnesses to someone yesterday… and the affect it can have in relationships, especially when you can’t talk it through…


  1. I can totally see that happening. Glad she got out before it was too late. Stopping by from “JusJoJan.” Thanks for the prompt today. Nice to meet you!


    1. I guess some stories are predictable. But you wouldn’t want to read those. No, she didn’t find love down the road.


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