weekendcoffeeshare – 7/12/2018


Hello! Come on in and share coffee with me! I have both iced coffee and regular coffee for you since it’s so hot here. I also have tea, which is what I drink. Just help yourself. It’s on the kitchen island.

So glad you could all join me today for #weekendcoffeeshare! It’s been a busy week for me and I’m sure it has been for all of you too. I’ve had a lot of non-writing things I’ve had to do at home. Hubby and I have done some work on our home. I recently got a new puppy. I’ve mentioned him before in another weekendcoffeeshare post. Tucker is now 4.5 months old. He’s a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and big for his age. Twenty pounds already! He’s a wild and crazy guy and since he’s a member of the herding group of dogs, he thinks I’m a cow or a sheep, I think. He nips at my heels to keep me in line and he thinks my arms are chew toys. I have the scars to prove it!

Tucker and I are in training mode. He can now walk on his leash although he doesn’t like it much yet. We’ve started obedience commands. He learns quickly, but he thinks it’s stupid when I go over and over them. He is learning to ride in the car, outside his crate, and ride quietly in his car harness. So there have been some victories! He’s a rascal! You can see his latest picture below.

I’m in a transition period with my writing. I’m in the middle of one book and have started a novella. I’m also working on a memoir and have done some outlining for a non-fiction book. I have plenty to keep me busy. It may sound like I’m spread too thin, but I don’t think I am. I hope to have the novel and the novella done by year’s end. The memoir and non-fiction book are in the beginning stages.

When I say I’m in a transition period with writing, I mean that I’m finding myself interested in new genres and different topics. I’m thinking about serializing a novella or novel. As far as genres go, I’m still pondering.

Hubby, Tucker, and I are taking a short trip in a couple of weeks. I call it “Tucker’s trip” because we decided it would be good for him for the purpose of socialization. He needs to be around more people and dogs than he has access to when he is just with me on top of this mountain. We will only be gone for a week.

Tell me what you have been doing and your plans for the weekend and upcoming week!

Thanks to eclectic ali for the prompt!




  1. My husband was not well for most of the week, so things have been low key for me and dogs. Fun to hear about the puppy training. (Such big ears!) We have not signed up for classes for our two, and they are almost two years old, now. We play “Fetch” in the back yard, though, and that is a lot of fun. And Charlie insists on throwing the ball back to me, and expects me to throw it again for him to catch.

    Thanks for the visit and best wishes for your week!


    1. If Tucker grows into those ears, he is going to be much bigger than the average corgi! How fun your dog throws the ball back to you. How your hubby is recovering!


      1. He got out, again, after our grocery shopping trip, to pick up other items we hadn’t been able to find. Seems much better, aside from the heat.

        Thaddeus is not the first of our dogs to throw the ball back when it’s tossed. And Ladd, my cocker spaniel who died in 2008, would throw the ball down the stairs, and then run after it…repeat…repeat… scientific methods.

        Cardigans bring great joy, from what I’ve seen of them. 😀 Big ears to scritch.


      2. You’re so right! Cardigans DO bring great joy, but they take some time to grow up. Then, you have a great dog. Glad hubby is on the mend!


  2. Hi Rosemary,

    Your Tucker is adorable and I’ll bet he’s a handful.
    My wife and I can’t have animals any more due to allergy problems we both picked up along the way. My last dog was goes back to when I was very young and she was a German Short hair Pointer. I wrote about her in one of my stories in my collection.

    It’s cooled off some here today at the bottom of the Sonoma county wine country, but much of California remains too hot to enjoy – unless you’re at the beach.

    I hope Tucker stays adorable and outgrows the need to chew on you. That has to take away from the fun of having him.

    All the best.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again next weekend


    1. Thank you, Gary. I’ll have to check out your stories. I love story collections. Tucker will grow out of his need to chew. By 7-9 months, he will turn into a great companion. I’ve had two other Cardigan Welsh Corgi over the course of my life. The breed is awesome. They are called fireside dogs and they are. Wonderful companions and long-lived. Both my other Cardis lived to be 15. So sorry you can’t have dogs now. They add so much to my life.


  3. Tucker is very cute. You can almost see in the photo that he is a rascal 🙂 Well, most puppies are. It’s great that you have a plan for his training, and actually are doing something about it. So many people don’t know where to start, or aren’t interested in investing the time. He’s adorable.


    1. Thank you! There is a book called “The Monks of New Skete.” The monks live in a monastery in New York and train German Shepherds. I have gone by their training method when training my own dogs for years. Anyone who gets a puppy should check it out. It’s a very effective, but very humane, to train dogs.


    1. Best of luck to you, Carol! Yes, they require a lot of energy. I try to structure my time so that mornings are mostly mine and I have at least 4-6 hours to write. It doesn’t always work, but it usually does!


      1. I’m finding that most of my writing now takes place during my lunch break. The weekends have become too packed with social events that seem to come thick and fast in the summer.


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